Levels of Care

Our Continuum of Care

Why is a Continuum of Care so important for seniors?

Your loved one will be more comfortable in one place instead of moving from one care level to the next as their needs change.

It also allows them to move from the retirement apartments to assisted living to the skilled nursing facility and then back again as specific short-term situations dictate.

In either situation, all of this can be done on a single campus, under one roof, with a minimal amount of disruption to the resident. No need for trips across town or another part of the county when an individual’s condition changes.

Levels of Care

Levels of Care

Care to meet your needs

Most people benefit from a little help with things that make sense. There are jobs which ask more of a person than they are worth like cleaning the floors or bathroom. Or making the bed or washing the windows may not seem worth the exhaustion. And sometimes people wear themselves out getting ready for company.

These are times to call in House Calls. Service may be scheduled hourly, daily or as requested to meet personal needs and preferences. Whether a one time occurrence or on a regular basis, House Calls will tailor a program to meet your needs.

An initial assessment at no charge helps determine the specifics and schedule. Additionally, increases or decreases in services may be arranged as circumstances change.

House Calls has a minimum one hour charge. Shifts can range from 1 hour to 24 hour periods by advance arrangement. We also offer one time or long term services.

It makes sense to let others help.

Transportation Service

We realize how hard it is for many seniors to get out and remain a functional part of the community. So we have developed this program as a way for seniors to get out and get where they need to go with our escort’s assistance. This service has a 1/2 hour minimum charge plus mileage.

Donors Matter

Schmitt Woodland Hills is a Nonprofit Corporation. This means that any donations made to Schmitt Woodland Hills are tax deductible by the donor. Our residents’ lives have been and will continue to be enhanced because of each and every Schmitt donor and their generosity. Each gift is a blessing from God. It does not matter whether the gift is money or time. It is the love, caring and compassion that counts in the end no matter what the gift is. Much of our growth and expansion continues thanks to the generosity of the many donors who make so much possible.

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