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It is only fitting that Schmitt Woodland Hills should select the Tree of Life to symbolize its vision and mission.

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many faiths and cultures around the world. Although it has many meanings in these cultures it is most often associated with protection, family, being rooted in the earth, recovery from illness and wishes fulfilled. Just as it has in the past, this tree represents our faith-based ministry to the senior citizens of our area.

Just as the broad canopy of the tree, with its many branches stretching toward the sky, serves to protect all that fall beneath it. So does the Schmitt Woodland Hills “continuum of care” attempt to provide a broad canopy of services over those we serve. This continuum begins with House Calls which can provide assistance with housekeeping, laundry, shopping, bathing and dressing for those individuals who want to maintain their independence and stay in their own homes.

When maintaining their own home becomes too much, our Independent Retirement Apartments may be just the answer. We do the hard work; the resident maintains the important aspect of independent living. The next step along the continuum may be a move to Westview, our Assisted Living Apartments; independent living with just the right amount of assistance tailored to each resident. If and when the time comes, our Medicare Certified Nursing Home is ready to provide the skilled, compassionate, loving care our residents require. The “continuum of care” is truly a canopy of care over all our area senior citizens.

Like the roots of the Tree of Life, our roots run deep as well. Schmitt Woodland Hills’ service to senior citizens goes back over 40 years.  The root system is intricate and possesses many facets. Our tap root is our faith-based approach to what we do. It anchors us to the earth and keeps us focused on our vision and mission. There are many other roots to the Tree that feed it and give it strength. Not the least of which are our residents, the families of our residents, our Board of Directors, members of the community and our local officials, all who encourage and support us.

The trunk of the tree which supports the canopy allows for the flow of vital nutrients to sustain the Tree.  The trunk of the tree represents our dedicated employees and wonderful volunteers. Without these kind, caring, loving and devoted individuals the canopy would surely die and the Tree would wither and fade away. Like the Tree of Life, all three facets of the Tree are tied together; one cannot survive without the other.

Our Mission at Schmitt Woodland Hills is to keep the Tree of Life, our “Continuum of Care” for all our senior citizens, alive and flourishing well into the future!

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11 hours ago

Schmitt Woodland Hills

On April 19th, we were happy to be able to honor and show recognition to our volunteers from the past year! We celebrated with the theme "Our Volunteers Mean the World to Us", so the gifts and decorations for the evening reflected that "global" theme. A huge thank you to all our volunteers for the many, many things you do for Schmitt Woodland Hills! ... See MoreSee Less

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Schmitt Woodland Hills is the only continuum of care facility in Richland Center.