1400 W. Seminary St Richland Center, WI 53581

Tiers of Joy Campaign

Your gift to the Tiers of Joy campaign, along with a boost from nature and our design, will:

  • beautify the physical environment
  • improve the safety of walking paths
  • and yield tears of joy for the well-being of residents, families and staff who provide care

Phases of the Project

Center Circle

As a result of recent building expansion, walking paths behind the campus were lost, and residents began to walk in the parking area that surrounds the center circle for both exercise and enjoyment.

They came to love hearing the sound and watching the soothing motion of the water in the 1960s-era fountain there. It became obvious that this space is an important aspect of life at SWH. However, the car traffic and the hardscape were never meant to accommodate such visitors. New plans include safer walkways appropriate for walkers and wheel chairs, a contemporary water feature, additional flower beds, trees and shrubs, and better lighting for evening enjoyment. The Tiers of Joy campaign will transform this area into one of beauty, safety and well-being for all.

Garden View

The Garden View residents look out over greenspace that is between the Garden View household and the therapy department/corridor.

Unfortunately, this view is marred by a backup generator, several retaining walls and just isn’t very garden-like. This phase of the project will bring a heavy dose of nature to transform the space and foster a feeling of serenity. Plans call for plantings to mask the back-up generator and retaining walls, a new waterfall feature, and other landscaping.

Woodland Walkway

The center courtyard between Westview and the health center will be upgraded by resurfacing the red concrete and patched sidewalks.

The many cracks and patches are a concern for the residents who like to enjoy this space. A small water feature will be added as well.

Campus Periphery

To complete the campus project, raised flower gardens are planned along the front of the Westview assisted living unit bordering the parking area across from the center circle.

New plantings will be provided for the areas on both sides of the main Seminary Street entrance. The current rose garden to the left of entrance and canopy will be retained.

The view for residents of the 1st floor Meadow View household will be improved with additional plantings along with a new fence and a tree for the patio area off the Health Center.

The North entrance off Norman Drive will be made warmer and more inviting. This effort will include additional plantings, an ornamental fence surrounding the retention pond in the parking circle and plantings along the railing above the first floor patio.

Flowers, shrubs and curbstone will improve the walkways and offer better curb appeal for those who call SWH home.

Make Your Donation Today

$50, $250 or $500+ can bring everyday happiness and tears of joy to the seniors who count on us for their care.

To Donate by check: Please make payable to Schmitt Woodland Hills 1400 W. Seminary St. Richland Center, WI 53581