In the summer issue of the Woodland Views we announced the kickoff of an effort to convert the bath tubs in the Independent Living Apartment to walk in showers.

Our residents need’s have changed over time and it has been difficult to keep up with all these changes. It hasn’t been all that many years that someone might move into a community such as ours and along with them bring their radio, a wind-up alarm clock and if they were lucky a small TV. Today our residents come with clock radios, TVs, CD players/Stereos, computers, printers and all manner of electronic devises. A couple of outlets here and there just won’t cut it anymore. Another of the things that have changed is the need for shower units versus bath tubs. The shower has become much more prevalent than the sit down bath. Plus, as we all grow older, climbing in and out of a combination tub-shower is not as easy as it once was and it isn’t going to get any easier. We are going to need your help in order to complete this important and ambitious project.