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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update for April 3, 2020

 Staying Vigilant, Another All Clear Day!

Everyone at Schmitt Woodland Hills Remains Healthy.

 Yesterday we announced three important procedural changes. The most significant of these changes was a new policy on allowing packages from outside vendors. Packages from family and other private individuals are still not allowed. The new policy states:

 Outside Packages

  • Packages will be accepted from outside vendors only, Target, Amazon, etc.
  • Only non-perishable packages will be accepted
  • Shipping boxes will be sanitized and allowed to sit for 72 hours in a separate building
  • After 72 hours a resident may sign a release allowing us to open the shipping box and distribute the contents to them

 We have now decided to accept donations of hand made face masks. There is a tote at our front door in which anyone can deposit any hand made face masks that they have made. We will put these masks through the proper protocol once we bring them inside the building. Thanks to anyone who has donated so far.

 We are in need of many types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including masks, face shields, gloves gowns and others. We are gladly accepting any donations of these kinds of supplies. Please call to make sure your gift can be accepted and to make arrangements to drop it off.

Remember, you may contact your loved one by email, including photos if you would like. Just send your email and any attachments to contact@swhills.com and we will print off the message and any photos or other attachments and get them to your loved one.

“When life knocks you down, you can either bounce back up and move on or you can stay down there and live the rest of your life with resentment and regret.” -Anonymous