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1. Match the following dimensions of Wellness with their description and activities:
A. Intellectual Wellness
B. Occupational Wellness
C. Environmental Wellness
D. Physical Wellness
E. Social Wellness
F. Emotional Wellness
G. Spiritual Wellness
H. Financial Wellness

Healthy eating, sleeping, physical activity, getting regular check-ups, avoiding tobacco.

Engaging in creative stimulating mental activities, willingness to seek out new information, motivation to master new skills.

The ability to have financial resources to meet practical needs, and a sense of control and knowledge about personal finances.

Awareness and acceptance of one's feelings and cognitions, coping with and expressing emotions in a healthy and adaptive manner.

Learning good communication skills, developing safe intimacy with others, creating a support network of friends and family.

Trying to live in harmony with nature. Understanding the impact of your actions on nature. Taking action to protect the environment.

Search for meaning and purpose in human existence, possessing a set of guiding beliefs, principles, or values that help give direction to one life.

Personal satisfaction and enrichment in one's life through work, seeking opportunities to grow professionally, and being fulfilled by your "job" whatever it may be.

Getting involved in a social event

Creating a vision for your career goals

Getting adequate sleep

Taking a non-required course/workshop

Intentionally seeking out others to get acquainted

Pray, meditate or spending time reflecting

Seeking help when feeling sad or overwhelmed

Keeping up with current events



Making a budget

Exercising 30 minutes

Journaling feelings

Balance your check book

Pick up trash

Professional growth

2. Which one of these behaviors has the most impact on your wellness?
A. Life styleB. HeredityC. GenderD. Infectious diseases

3. List one thing you learned about wellness today you didn't know:

4. We would like input/suggestions on things SWH can do to help you seek better wellness within the work environment. For example, a Wellness Fair to showcase what the community and surrounding areas have available to promote wellness.