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Terminal Care Inservice

1. Hospice comes from the word "shelter."

2. We treat the person not the disease.

3. The resident should set the agenda for their spiritual care.

4. Our speaker looks like Tom Cruse.

5. The dying fear their loss of independence.

6. The greatest gift you can give the resident is to listen to them.

7. Don't be afraid to laugh or use humor with a dying person.

8. Some patients who appear confused may really be trying to tell us something.

9. The three H's of caring are: hang around, hug-if desired and hush up.

Compliance and Ethics lnservice

1. What is the definition of ethics?

2. What is the definition of compliance?

3. You come on a shift and a resident who is usually a one person gait belt transfer tells you that he had a bad night. The resident says he needs to use the restroom, but he feels very weak. You should:
a. Tell the resident to go to the bathroom in his/her brief and you will clean them up later.b. Turn on the call light so that a coworker can come to assist you with the transfer to ensure safety.c. Get you gait belt and tell the resident that you will go slowly and things will be ok.

4.You have been assigned a new resident who does not speak English. What do you do?
a. Ask the resident's 7 year old grandson who is in the room to interpret for you.b. Go down the hall to find another staff member who speaks the resident's language so that he/she can translate.c. Go to the nurse and report that you cannot understand the resident so that the nurse can call the interpreter service to interpret for the staff.d. More than one of these answers can be correct because Ethics is not a clear cut subject.

5. You mention to another CNA that you are exhausted but need money to pay your bills. The CNA you are talking to tells you that they borrowed $200.00 from a resident last month and that you should go talk to that resident. You report the CNA to administration because this is exploitation and is against Facility policy and State rules and regulations.

6. A resident has end stage esophageal cancer. She wants to continue to eat food with normal consistencies. The resident's family members do not agree on the right course of action. You:
a. Request the resident's physician participate in a special care plan meeting with the resident and her family members.b. Ensure the resident fully understands the consequences of her choice.c. Ensure the facility DON and Administrator are aware of the situationd. All of the above

7. A staff member knows that another staff member called in sick but that the staff member calling in was not sick. What would/should you do?

8. All ethical situations have clear right or wrong answers.