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Schmitt Woodland Hills: Care to meet your needs

by Sandy Goree, RD/LD/CD/CFE and Laura Pyfferoen, COM, CFPP

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1. How many teaspoons of CHO choices are in regular soda?

2. Touching RTE foods acceptable with a barrier.

3. A meal delivered to the room must until opened in front of the resident

4. Hands must be washed for how long?

5. The danger zone is - degrees Per ServSafe Guidelines.

6. Resident has dry skin, cracked lips, and complaints of dry eyes. Whom should you tell? who will follow up with RD/MD.

7. All resident food must be labeled, dated, with a and milk should have a open the container date.

8. Wash resident hands before each meal.

9. A dyciem mat is used when a resident's is moving around while resident is trying to eat

10. Choices of condiments should be the room tray before it leaves the dining room.