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Skin Care Program Quiz

1. The Braden Scale is used for predicting pressure sore risk.

2. Using moisturizer on the skin helps reduce skin tears and friction.

3. Moisture is a risk for developing pressure wounds.

4. Barrier creams do not protect the skin from moisture.

5. Deep tissue injury may present as deep red, maroon, purple, or blood-filled blisters.

6. Reducing and relieving pressure must be accomplished to prevent pressure injury development.

7. Each individuals pressure relief is treated the same way.

8. Diabetic feet are also susceptible to skin breakdown.

Transfer Training In-service Quiz

1. When should a gait belt be used?

2. Describe the steps used to safely transfer a resident from a chair to standing position.

3. List the hip precautions following a total hip replacement.

4. Define the following weight bearing restrictions:
a. NWB

5. If a resident is NWB, should they transfer without an assistive device?

6. If a resident is NWB, can a stand lift be used to transfer?

7. Describe proper lifting techniques.

8. If a resident has had a CVA that bas left their right side affected, to which side would you transfer them from a w/c into bed, toward their right or left?

9. What is the appropriate place to have a resident hold onto you when transferring without an assistive device?

10. If you are unsure how to transfer someone, where could you go for help?